Tips to Plan Your First Ever Art Show!

Do you feel a bit daunted about planning your first art show?

Would you love to make money selling your own art directly to your fans at an absolutely fabulous opening night?

your art show hero

This book “Your Art Show” will inspire and motivate you to think beyond traditional art venues.

In “Your Art Show!”, artist and author Stuart Wider reveals 30 awesome venue ideas for your very own exhibition.

This compact book is absolutely brimming with invaluable hints, tips and peppered with humorous stories gained directly from the authors experience of staging more than 20 art exhibitions. “Your Art Show!” will really get you thinking outside the traditional white box. Exactly the right place for your art debut to your adoring public is probably closer than you think!

Your art deserves to be discovered directly by an adoring public. Your very own opening night awaits!

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‘Kara’s Butterfly’

10 x 10
10 x 10

Ta da! I just finished a color pencil portrait of my grand-daughter and my very dear friend and mentor, Cindy Wider of Drawpj decided to interview me about my inspiration for the artwork. The correct skin  tone are important to achieve when trying to gain a likeness and in her interview. You can read the interview here for  a few tips and suggestions to create a portrait in color pencil.

Understanding art…

Well here goes… my first post on my brand new blog.

To start, I’d like to share a short video about ‘The skill  of describing ‘ that I stumbled across on Khan Academy. It has some excellent food for thought for those who are studying composition and wish to enhance their skills… enjoy!