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Tannis Trydal

I’ve always had an interest in art but didn’t pursue my interest until my children were grown and gone from home. In 2009, I decided to take the first step and enrolled in an online art class to learn to draw. That decision changed my life and I am now an award-winning artist and art educator. I love that I can share my love for art with students from around the world as a certified instructor of the ‘Complete Drawing Art Course’. I teach on drawpj.com and have authored several colored pencil art tutorials that are available on drawspace.com.

I regularly exhibit and sell my artworks and I ‘ve been invited to participate in travelling exhibitions as well as curated gallery exhibitions. My artworks have won prizes at the Beaverlodge Juried Art Show and the Peace River Chapter Federation of Canadian Artists Art Shows. The inspiration for my artwork comes from nature. Observing closely, I can see so many shapes that intrigue me, fueling my desire to create art. I love the adventure that comes with travelling and especially like to hike to experience nature.

I am an active member of the Peace River Chapter Federation of Canadian Artists, Artists North and Art of the Peace.


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